Want to create culinary memories of your own?

We invite you to learn about our customized blends, crafted with love over 32 years

Our humble beginning started in 1986, when François and Christine Rizk returned back to their homeland Lebanon with a dream to go overseas and spread the culture of Lebanese and Middle Eastern food specialties over the world.

Driven by a motivated passion for Authenticity, they dedicated their primary unique selection to convenient blends with instant application such as: Falafel, Zaa’tar, Sahlab, Spice medleys including kibbeh, shawarma, tabouli, fattoush and products of these. The beginning was promising and demand for export raised to Qatar, France and other neighboring countries. In 1990’s, our Falafel box of 200g/7 oz was identified as the world’s grocery shelf diversity imported into New York the capital of small world. To this day export contributes up to 70% of all production outcome.

Through every milestone in Second House Products’ history, we kept thriving for culinary perfection. Raising the art of combining different gourmet ingredients, passion for innovation and improving consistency thus ensuring successful results in customer experience.

Nowadays, we are known as “Custom Blending House” serving proudly three sectors: Retail, Food service and Food Industry based on the Motto “come and make your own mixes”. We use our ingredient knowledge and innovation expertise to deliver specific solutions and to make food more customized, functional and consistent. We sincerely want you to experience the same great taste and depth, every time!

As a family owned business with second generation succession still managed by the founders having the same passion and dedication. We believe that all our customers are dynamic partners thus deserve the best! Our daily efforts are strived toward continues compliance and improvement in globally recognized quality and food safety systems.

Today, Second House Products blends are enjoyed all over the world thanks to our partners.

Each time you taste or smell our blends, you’ll feel being served at home!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.